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land sl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyson/12/151/23

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Guida per l'iscrizione ed il primo accesso
1- crate acount
2-Compila i campi con le informazioni richieste
3-. Al termine clicca sul tasto REGISTRATI.

virtualife world e' presente defualt grid Firestorm




VirtualIfe offers you the possibility of having a land
to live in your home.


The bronze package offers you a full SIM, 15,000 SIMs available
with Admin rights in your region at a cost of €10/month

The silver package offers you a 2x2 Var surface, 30000 prims available
with Admin right in your region at a cost of €15/month
possibility of parceling out the region

The Gold package gives you a 4x4 surface, 50000 prims available
with Admin right in your region at a cost of €30/month
possibility of parcelling out the region


This software allows you to run your own region connected to VIRTUALIFE, providing you can host it. We use the official OpenSimulator server software, and have customised it for easy use on VIRTUALIFE.
Minimum requirements are (linux/mac/windows) .Net 6.x runtime.
First time Windows tutorial can be found here: OpenSim Tutohttps://github.com/opensim/opensim/blob/dotnet6/BUILDING.mdrial

This version will be needed for older .Net 4.6 and/or mono.


teleport regions